Border Guard Iraqi Refugee Love Story: A Christian-Muslim Affair That Proves Love Is Borderless

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Negative news is always sensational, but the border guard Iraqi refugee love story proves that there is still a lot of positive news even in the midst of the current conflicts in the Middle East. The love story between an Iraqi refugee and a Macedonian border officer prove that there’s still a lot of love to go around.

A Christian-Muslim Romance Amid the War

During one March day in 2016, 20-year-old Noora Arkavazi and her family arrived at the Serbian border. They had left their town of Diyala, Iraq. Her family waited for someone to help them. And the only guard on duty who could actually communicate with them was Bobi Dodevski. Arkavazi, a Kurdish Muslim, and Dodevski, an Orthodox Christian, both spoke English and they were the ones who talked during that day. Arkavazi, that day, was feverish and needed help. Dodevski came to her rescue and was able to get Noora help from the Red Cross, the Independent reported.

The young woman and her family stayed at the Tabanovce camp on the border. When Arkavazi was well, she, in turn, started helping other refugees with the Red Cross volunteers. She and Dodevski got to know each other pretty well. At first, her Muslim family was doubtful over Arkavazi’s relationship with Dodevski. Eventually, they saw that the two were happy together.

In July of the same year, the two got married. Arkavazi’s family went on to Germany to seek asylum, but the new couple stayed to help other refugees. Presently, Arkavazi continues her work with Red Cross and lives with her husband in his home with his three children from his former marriages.

Border Guard Iraqi Refugee Romance

When asked by the BBC, the 35-year-old Dodevski said that it was love at first sight. He remained professional throughout their first meeting, but a colleague of his had pointed out the obvious. The Macedonian guard said that he had seen something special in Noora Arkavazi, through her fever and sickness. He had seen someone he wanted to get to know better.

When he finally had the courage to ask for her hand in marriage, she thought he was joking. They married on Arkavazi’s birthday. Although they had different religions, their celebration welcomed many of their colleagues from different faiths. They now live in Kumanovo and are expecting their first child together, as Arkavazi is four months pregnant.

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