Louis Masai: Street Artist on a Campaign to Save Endangered Species

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London-based street artist Louis Masai Michel has just finished his tour of the United States in a campaign to save endangered species. But who is this crusader, armed only with his spray cans and nerves of steel?

Louis Masai Art: Campaign to Save Lives

The 34-year-old artist has been on a campaign to represent endangered species from around the world. He started in his hometown in London, where he painted frogs, beetles, and hedgehogs, among others. In 2014, Michel worked with Synchronicity Earth to paint the bare walls of London with murals of animals that needed to be saved from extinction. A year later, he started his campaign, Save the Bees.

He, and a partner Jim Vision, started the crusade to remind people that honey bees are responsible for 80 percent of pollination in the entire world. Due to the rise of harmful pesticides, though, their numbers are slowly dwindling. Everyone should take the time to remember that these bees help in the growth of the crops we need.

The Art of Beeing Tour

Michel said he hoped his murals would awaken people to the current danger the bees are in. In his October to December 2016 tour, which he called The Art of Beeing, around the United States of America, the artist painted animals specific to the cities he visited.

There is a new twist to Michel’s USA tour, though. He paints toy animals sewn by honey bees. In a Huffington Post article by the Brooklyn Street Art founders, Michel had this to say about his new approach:

I’m painting toys because if we don’t act now to stop extinction, only toys will remain in place of animals.


It is depressing to learn that many of the animals in our planet are decreasing in number. But let us take heart that artists like Louis Masai are using their talents to breed awareness of the problem. It’s not a solution in itself, but it’s one of the ways we can help spread the message. Be part of the movement and follow #SaveTheBees online.

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